Staff Members

Marketing and Strategy Committee Chair

Jason Amich

Dr. Jason Amich’s has experienced, first hand, the tragic effect of the opioid crisis on people as a clinician and administrator in pre-hospital and emergency departments. He is an educator, clinician, and health scientist who is dedicated to seeking out the root cause of disease and understands the healing power that knowledge and understanding can bring to a complex disease.

Dr. Amich has served in clinical, administrative, and faculty roles in many health care environments for more than 25 years. He believes in using a scientific, evidence-based approaches to solving health problems. He is the Director of Medical Services in a Functional and Integrative Medicine practice and owns a consulting company for health care business and clinical operations.

Dr. Amich is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, Academy for Integrative Health and Medicine, and the New York Academy of Sciences. He earned his Doctor of Health Sciences through the College of Graduate Health Studies at A.T. Still University.

Outreach Committee Chair

Jesse Bennett, MSW, LCSW-A, LCAS-A, Statewide Overdose Prevention Coordinator

Jesse Bennett MSW, LCSW-A, LCAS-A is a former drug user and a formerly incarcerated person who has mastered the recovery journey by becoming an outreach worker, overdose prevention coordinator, and the statewide volunteer coordinator for the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition. Within this role, Mr. Bennett leads and initiates harm reduction advocacy efforts in the Wake County community.

Mr. Bennett has built relationships with the outreach community by providing access to clean syringes and naloxone, safer drug use and sex practices and education. While operating the syringe access programs in Wake and Johnston counties Mr. Bennett has completed his master’s in social work from North Carolina State University and is certified as a harm reduction psychotherapist.

Fundraising Committee Chair

Victoria M. Jones

Victoria M. Jones continues to flourish as an influential woman in her community and workforce. Ms. Jones has not only embodied strength, boldness, and her faith in God; she obtained her BA in Political Science while being the captain of her basketball team and making history for the women’s basketball program. Following her keen attention to detail and ability to multi-task, Ms. Jones completed her Master’s in Educational Psychology, as she continues to live fearlessly, diligently working to achieve her goals to positively impacting the lives of children, based on experience, education, and passion.

Whether it’s moving far away from the comfort of home or resigning from a corporate, with her servant’s heart and will go the extra mile to help someone, Ms. Jones mentors’ young girls of Peter Paul Development Center and sharing the gospel with children in Richmond, Virginia.


Hava Collins

Hava Collins is a high school intern with Exit Opioid Corporation focusing on outreach and public health initiatives and development. Ms. Collins attends Wake STEM Early College High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, allowing her to receive college credits at NC State University. She is a member of Health Oriented Students of America (HOSA) and Women in Science and Engineering and is the creator and co-editor in chief of her school’s first literary magazine.

Ms. Collins has extensive experience volunteering with the Arthritis Foundation, including being a youth honoree and youth chair, and is currently working as an assistant teacher at Primrose School. Ms. Collins plans on attending Emory University majoring in Public Health to pursue a career in epidemiology.

Jessica Bring

Jessica Bring is a high school intern with Exit Opioid Corporation focusing on leadership initiatives and project management. Ms. Bring was accepted in the Wake STEM Early College High School in Raleigh, North Carolina allowing her to receive college credit from North Carolina State University. While enrolled in traditional schooling and the Wake STEM program, Ms. Bring has been a well-recognized member of the National Honor Society and Women In Science and Engineering.

She currently works as Head of Communication for the Health Oriented Students of America (HOSA). Ms. Bring also serves as a Teen Ambassador with Note In The Pocket, a nonprofit working to clothe those who are impoverished and homeless in the Raleigh area. She has also led many initiatives at her school including co-creating and running their first literary magazine. Ms. Bring leads a team of peers in the Girls Go Cyberstart competitions, for coding and cybersecurity. Ms. Bring plans to attend Johns Hopkins University, pursuing an undergraduate in neuroscience, and later become a neurosurgeon.